Since its foundation, Genesis Biyomedical has been presenting creative solutions to patients and doctors in field of dermatology, medical aesthetics and orthopaedics. Genesis Biomedical aims to be leader in these branches with the vision of supplying best products with best price possible. Our product portfolio consists of regenerative therapies and non-surgical treatments. It is possible to have better results with these products as they are mostly prepared with patients’ own blood/tissues. The products we are distributing, are successfully used by surgeons and dermatalogy doctors when they need regeneration in both cases; surgical or non-surgical. As Genesis Biyomedikal,all the products we are distributing,are certified/approved by international authorities(CE&FDA) and proved their efficiency by clinical studies.

Do You Think Career at Genesis Biyomedikal?

The best investment is human investment. We aim to make use of the talents, power and creativity of our employees, increase their productivity, improve and ensure the transfer of information.