Brand that inspires the future: Genesis Biyomedikal

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Genesis Biyomedikal Saç Dökülmesinde Regenera Activa ve AQ Skin Solutions Advanced Hair Complex +

This month, we have united our passion for going after these never-ending innovations. We all know the emerging technologies together with innovative innovations in beauty and health, the beauty of our beauty and the exciting effects on our health. We have had a good conversation with Semih Soylu and Musa Kamsız from Genesis Biomedical which brings together Turkish people with quality and original health products which brings us closer to the future by using innovative ideas and solutions for you. Let's all take a look at the latest innovations and products in this area.

Firstly, when and how was Genesis Biomedical established?What are your goals and goals to build a brand?

Thanks to our colleagues we met Musa Bey. In 2014 we built a medical company together. hair vaccine, known as extracellular matrix product Acella in Turkey have brought from America.Onda had a tremendous success on our expectation. Both months from approximately 450 patients from Turkey and surrounding countries was treated therewith. Later, in 2014, we established this company for us to complete the mission. 
Because there was only project-based work for hospital groups. So we decided to make this company a more professional one. We ended our partnership in that company and founded Genesis Biomedical in August 2017. We can call it a new company, but not in reality. I have been in this industry for 12-13 years. Genesis was a quick start. We started with a good product like Regenera Activa. The launch and press projections we made are reflected in it. Our mission is this; we want to be a leader in cellular therapy in Turkey. We are aiming to work with successful results-oriented products that are new to the world and new to the world. 
whether the FDA has secured CE and Turkey have taken delivery of product compliance from international health organizations like this we want to reach as many users. In doing so, as I said, we are moving with Turkey's leading names. The list of institutions we work with is really good. Doctors, who are individual clinics, are active member or president of the relevant institution in their field.

Genesis Regener as biomedical brought to activada to Turkey.First of all, are you talking about this product?

Genesis Biomedical, sole authorized distributor of this product in Turkey and the United States for the moment. But our company's product range is not limited to this. We want to be a brand in Turkey but also in our own area we call the Genesis in biological therapy in regenerative medicine. 
I would like to talk about the reasons for hair loss first. The main cause of hair loss in men is hair loss caused by hormonal causes called Male Type Hair Loss and 55% of the male population in the average world lives at various grades. In women, the causes of spillage vary widely. Especially in our country, anemia is anemia which is seen too much in our country.However, the vegetarian or vegan diet that is becoming widespread in the world is also causing this spill. Along with this, iron deficiency and zinc deficiency are also important causes of spillage. Male females also have hair loss. Although the height of the male hormone is sometimes not detected, it manifests itself in the formation of acne (acne), hair loss, excessive hair growth in the body and menstrual disorder.

How is this product used with an application?

The effects of hair loss in both men and women are usually seen in the upper areas of the hairy deep, in the forehead or hill regions. However, hair follicles in the nape and in the posterior ear region are almost always genetically coded to remain resistant and healthy. The Regenera Activa system is based on the ability to produce a special cell suspension in these healthy and strong hair follicles to support patient and lifeless hair follicles there. 
3-4 hair follicles are removed from the hair in the posterior ear region by applying a small local anesthetic. These hair follicles are transformed into a special supercell suspension in the Regenera Activa system, and a completely unique hair loss treatment is prepared.

Very developed in the field of health tourism in Turkey plantation.What is the prominence and difference of your products in this treatment?

We can say that; A very different area of ​​hair. On the human side, you can get very fast and clear. You are injecting products such as botox, filler, etc. and the effect is immediately reflected in the face. The reason why hair treatment is so expensive is that there are many factors that affect the hair because of the small selection of treatment options. There are many factors such as stress, genetic factors, smoking, alcohol, used shampoo, water pH. The right patient election must be made for the treatment. 
If we talk about Regenera Activa; We can give a 100% guarantee of stopping hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia (in individuals with genetic predisposition). But patient selection is very important for hair to come out again. It needs micronized hair roots. It is not possible to remove hair from the area that is completely bald and has no hair root. I need a hair plant here.But before sowing, hair loss has started, we can play a role in reviving hair that has become feathered and turning hair into hair.

What is the most important difference of your products?

Our products can be called regenerative medicine. Serums and treatments from the quince's own cells are our real difference.

How many products are approved by Genesis and sold by the health department and what are these?

There are three products approved by the Ministry of Health today, which Genesis sells at present. One of them is Regenera  Activa. The second is bone marrow-derived stem cells. We use it in joint treatments. We are not just an aesthetically focused company. We are in every field where regenerative medicine (regenerative medicine is the process of creating live functional tissues for repair or replacement of tissues or organs that lose their function due to age, disease, damage or birth defects). In patients with unstable fractures, late-onset fractures, and cartilage problems, we are preparing the bone cells to break the root cells and inject them into the patient within about 18 minutes. Our third product is Sanakin. It is used in patients who are produced in Germany, injected mostly into sports, but also suffer from various problems in their joints. We can get the injection ready 3 hours after taking the blood.Because we keep blood in a kit at 37 degrees Celsius at body temperature.During these 3 hours, growth factors in the blood and sudden-inflammatory cytokines multiply. At the same time, we started to use it in hair transplantation, hair treatment and aesthetic procedures. It was already used in other countries around the world.

Well, how much did you invest in this business?

The initial investment was low but the recent investment was shortly 2 million TL. This is a serious investment. But I hope that the results will be good. We also have a company named Phoenix Scientific located in central Arizona / USA. As Phoenix Scientific, we are developing products for use in aesthetic and orthopedic areas of Amnion fluid and Amnion matrix products obtained from placenta collected at cesarean births. The AR-GE studies by Phoenix Scientific will be prepared with the growth factors of the person's own blood being produced, and the personalized skin care cream will be the first in its field. At the moment we have also allocated a substantial budget for AR-GE and laboratory testing of these products.

Such products are used abroad would bring to Turkey. Have a qualified doctor can use these products in Turkey?

Of course, and our doctors are warm to these products. Our doctors are actually like us. They are following all the developments. They make presentations at international congresses and visit them. Our doctors are able to apply much better techniques than our American and European colleagues. We are even proud that many Turkish doctors have given training to their foreign colleagues.

The only deficiency is; a set of legislation of the health ministry. And the price is important. The difference between the dollar and the euro is forcing the purchasing power of Turkish people unfortunately.

Why is it cost of using these products?

Regenera system at the clinics, the disease will be applied approximately 7000-8000 TL.Patients may think that it is even more expensive than hair transplant. There is no need for them, there are those who think that they will make a hair plantation completely, but we can explain it like this; your teeth have begun to rot and aches. Do you want to be totally rotten and pull your teeth, or do you have options like filling / canal treatment to rescue your teeth without pulling teeth? Regenera Aktiva is not equivalent to hair transplantation, it aims to stop the hair loss of patients who start to lose hair. 
Male patients, especially those who have lost hair at a young age, have to wait until the age of 25-27 for hair transplantation. In this period it is very important to slow down and reduce the pouring by an important treatment method like Regenera Activa. In addition, Regenera Activa treatment, which is prepared using only 3-4 of thousands of hair roots taken during the application of hair plantation, is a very important support for both rapid healing and quick and strong hair removal. For this reason Regenera Activa method is used together in hair transplantation.